#FRA2014 Day Five: The Making Of

23rd February 2014

You don't get to witness the birth of a movement that often, the first decisive moments of disruptive and alternative cultures are usually for participants only, shrouded in clouds of myth and lore, undecipherable to outsiders. The Festival of Resistance and Alternatives has already seen that initial spark, but when you walk into its final day of activities at the Bouletek, in Casablanca, it's hard not to get the impression of something embryonic, still blossoming, the familiar and yet always refreshing arrival of cultural novelty. The crowd, the music, the afternoon schedule: this is youth culture looking for itself.

We don't stay long. We've come to say our last goodbyes to the people we met during this intense week, to link up and have a quick last look at the proceedings. The cigarette smoke is dense, the music is punk, reggae, and loud. The crowd is mixed boys and girls, dressed impeccably like the 2014 connected generation that they are. When one of the bands goes into Killing in the Name, atemporality steps in and the kids go nuts. This could be anywhere, but it's not: the difficulties faced by the Festival in organizing common cultural activities have given an additional boost to the inherent rebelliousness of the local youth. By getting in the way, the authorities are encouraging and feeding a far more worthy opponent than an occasional gathering. What comes out of this process is resilient, shared, remembered, networked. The temple can burn once again.

The taxi ride on the way home takes us through the bright lights of downtown Casablanca, night has fallen and my mind begins to compile and edit the events of the last few days. The story needs an ending, but it will not come. The streams that brought us here will continue to flow, even when dissolved in different waters. The connections we made will create a larger network, they will draw a different map. Back at the old town, we decide to get lost and just roam the maze. We trust it, and now it trusts us.

To be continued.

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