#FRA2014 Day One : The Indecision

Casablanca, 19th February 2014

So here we are, stress.fm got into town yesterday afternoon for the Festival of Resistance and Alternatives, "an independent Moroccan initiative to create a space where people share their ideas, their principles, their talents and their artistic creations about sociocultural subjects such as economy, politics, art, education and others." Born out of the 20th of February movement, the Festival is a living network trying to connect to the wider civil society here and beyond, to other nodes of the global art/politics/culture movements. We're still trying to figure out what exactly is this thing, and it seems that the same is happening on the inside - always a good sign.

The Festival is/was supposed to happen in Les Abattoirs, the old slaughterhouses of Casablanca, a place associated with the local independent arts and cultures. Yesterday, despite having gone through all the necessary bureaucratic formalities, the organizers were notified by the local authorities that they probably wouldn't be allowed to use the Abattoirs for the Festival. We've heard that the municipal authorities' initial agreement was overridden by some higher power and a decision is now being delayed until it becomes too late for the Festival to happen as intended.

As of this moment, around 1.pm local time, everyone is still waiting for some kind of confirmation and a Plan B is being discussed.

update ( 7pm local ) : Les Abattoirs are out of the picture. The Festival will go on as scheduled, but with all the planned activities happening in 4 different spaces, granted to the organizers by different political parties and associations. New programme out by tonight.

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