#FRA2014 Day Three: Streams

Casablanca, 21st February 2014

Whisper. Whatsapp sold out. Kiev. Caracas, now the G20. Secret. A casual chat between a reporter and his editor about the Tor network and the deep dark corners of the web: House of Cards came back with a vengeance. Micropayments. The bitcoin protocol might just turn out to be Ted Nelson's own kind of cold and patient vendetta, enacted by the network on behalf of a different future. Media is like water.

We woke up early and rode a small red taxi to the Festival's new dwelling, a building owned by the USFP, one of the biggest political parties here in Morocco. This is one of the four spaces now hosting the planned activities, a beautiful white building with spacious traditional interiors, colorful tiling and a tall glass dome that illuminates the main room. We go up to the first floor and set up shop in a large room, close to the roof. At 2pm we start our workshop about media streams and invisibility.

Whatever comes after Snowden will have an even bigger impact on the culture. I searched for hours and still wasn't able to find the reference about the monks who built wooden temples so they could burn, reminding the soul about the exact location of belief - not it in the building. Have no attachment to dust. The filter bubble, of course. Duck and go. Still can't believe Underwood killed Zoe Barnes. My friend tells me it's incorrect to speak of medina, which in Arabic just means "the city". Every town has an old part, we just tend to exoticize (that's not a word, is it?) the ancient sections of Arab cities. We're staying in Casablanca's old town, inside the proverbial walls. Men with hammers see nails, so we see a mix of hood life and gentrified corners, dust and roaches, kindness and no-nonsense hospitality, controlled chaos and an obvious proud cultural exhuberance. The tea remains a favorite vice.

We agreed with the workshop participants not to divulge the contents of our conversation, so we won't. The Festival of Resistance and Alternatives took off at around 1pm with movie screenings, other workshops whose topics ranged from the international economic agreements to revisions of communication theory, interspersed with what seemed like a really cool group game about rules and chocolate. At 7pm, David Fedele's The Land Between was shown at the Bouletek.

Day Three was intense: there was preparation, improvisation, amazement at the sudden breaks in the internet connection and their mysterious coincidence with the beginning of the Festival. We came back home tired but talkative, plenty of questions about the contours and possible behaviors of digital media.

It can flow or it can crash. Pour into a cup, it becomes the cup.

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