A propósito da crónica On Beirut editada em Stress FM, ficam aqui mais alguns recursos complementares para aprofundamento:

Beirut! Not Enough Death to Go Round

A moving and graphic portrait of the people of wartorn Beirut in their day-to-day struggle to survive in the rubble and despair. Filmed shortly after the 1982 massacres at Sabra and Chatila, the film gives a vivid picture of the plight of these people and of any people who are too poor to escape the ravages of war.

Beirut - War Generation بيروت - جيل الحرب 1989 

Beirut Photographer

In 1981, George Azar, a Lebanese-American, crossed the Syrian border into Lebanon. He carried a cheap camera and less than $100 and a desire to change the way the Arab world was portrayed by the US media. He began taking photographs. But within a few months Israel attacked Lebanon and war broke out.

Catastrophic Space Tour in Beirut

Listen to the MP3 with chronologic photoset: It takes place at Ashrafieh neighborhood and guided by Tony Chakar. "During this tour it´s essential to move. The idea is that the bofy is in decay, and everything that it touches is an extension of the body. So what happens when the body meets the extension of the decaying things when the body is already in decay?"

Cahier Lebanon