ONO - Diegesis (album stream)

Stream the upcoming Diegesis HERE

"This harrowing LP shows a band at the height of its visionary powers. Their legendary 'gospel-noise' has never sounded so furiously focused…. Unquestionably a Major Statement from these untiring Chicago giants. Diegesis is a defining record that demands and rewards in equal proportion."
Diegesis press-release

This is music of the future. A transgender sonic frankenstein. An intricate audio tapestry with music styles clashing and complementing each other. There's shades of 70s-era Miles Davis, Beefheart, Doors and Funkadelic amidst the band's electronic, hip-hop and noise soundscapes. 

Diegesis opens with the dark and hypnotic "Travis Wax Madonna" and soon takes a left-turn into the powerful mutant funkabilly of "Black POWER MOVE" and "Spare", sounding as if George Clinton and Bo Diddley had joined the Magic Band. Beginning in an haze of abstract jazzy psychedelia, "CQCQCQ" soon develops into an audio psychodrama, slightly reminiscent of the band's "Ennui" from 1986. "Army" follows in the same vein, but this time as a sort of art-funk take on the Door's "Unknown Soldier". The album culminates in the uplifting shamanic stomp of Oxblood, followed by a beautiful rendition of Hendrix's "Burning of the Midnight Lamp".

Also produced by Cave's band leader Cooper Crain, Diegesis does sound like a "furiously focused" piece of work. It might not have the primordial and chaotic edge of its predecessor, Albino, but it is an extremely rich and inventive record, as powerful and exciting as anything the band has ever done.

This is an highly recommended album, and further proof of the collective music genius which is ONO.

Diegesis will come out on Moniker Records, 11th of March. Pre-order the album HERE