The ONO Archives #1 : A Suite For ChristMass (1981)

The ONO Archives #1: A Suite For ChristMass (1981)

The first ONO cassette release, 31 December 1981

P. Michael: "ChristMass was a cassette recording in our practice space 1981 with Ric, travis and PM. It was a give away to our fans on our mailing list for Xmas. The pieces on the tape that I remember are: Flight in to the Desert, I Must Be About My Father's Business, Maria, The Lil Drummer Boy. We made 100 of them and mailed them out... they were very lo fi  recorded on a  simple cassette machine  and copied individually on to radio shack cassettes... I think eventually we made them to order."

travis: Title of cassette is NOT Christmas.  ChristMass is correct. Please don’t forget the “Mass” in the title. ONO are not politically correct.  We attended MASS, especially on high holy days, and we were willing to admit to it.  In ONO’s early days attendance at MASS was part of ONO rehearsals.

ChristMass includes “Maria” which was taken from a suicide letter shared with Ann Landers. Ann Landers (04JUL18-22JUN02), was a well-known, award winning, Chicago Sun-Times advice columnist. Interestingly, in 1994, Ann Landers (real name Eppie Lederer) received an Honorary  Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Northwestern University.  In the same ceremony, I received a Master of Arts (Liberal Studies), With Highest Distinction, Alpha Sigma Lambda.  I attach, below, Chicago Sun-Times Ann Landers column for SAT, 21NOV81, p.24, which serves as the script for “Maria.”

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