The ONO Archives #2 : Kate Cincinnati (1982)

The ONO Archives #2: Kate Cincinnati (1982)

The second ONO cassette release, 1982

P. Michael: "Kate Cincinnati was a cassette release, I think 1982/ 83 before Machines that Kill People. It was a limited edition of 300 copies, part field recording in a tunnel in Lincoln Park (Kate Cincinnati), the other side recorded at the lucky number club in Chicago (I Wonder Why  and Oppenheimer).

The release comes with a booklet of black and white photos of ONO shot around town. The photos depict many areas and architecture of the 80's some structures are no longer  there. Photos by David

travis: "There was a real Kate Cincinnati. She was an old but sprightly, mean-spirited and crotchety White woman. She was the first resident in the building now known in Chicago as Artist In Residence.  She rented her apt in the 1920’s, pre-opening; before the new building’s elevators were fully functional. New owner, Jack O’Callahan (now deceased) transformed the bldg into 1/3 Senior Citizens, 1/3 Orientals, 1/3 Artists. Although that sounds suspicious, it was a great space for “lively” creativity. However, Kate's world ended when I moved in. Kate attacked me with cane, umbrella and broken window glass. No one could stop her. She lost control. Name-calling. Hatred spewed. I became every imaginable “Shameless Nigger” she could find words for. Kate’s own private mongrel. Big, ugly scene; and endless. And, worst of all, I did not fight back. I did not defend myself. I did not talk back. She surely knew I was accustomed to my America. After all, I was a 36-year-old Black-Chickasaw Vietnam Veteran born and raised in Itawamba County, Mississippi. The scene was not a new experience. 

Ironically, I was returning from an event honoring John Patrick Cardinal Cody (24DEC07-25APR82), Chicago’s scandal-plagued womanizing Cardinal. The money! The women! The step-cousin! The scandal! Highly dramatic visitation and funeral ritual with open casket, colorfully-uniformed guards; all the trimmings; in Holy Name Cathedral.

Picture: Cardinal Cody in casket with cleaning woman. My interest was contrasts: An ordinary house cleaner cleaning Cody’s funeral carpet as we waited in the two-block queue for a peek. This image is probably more meaningful to Chicagoans familiar with the lore of the Cardinal’s fabulous mansion, also a source of great controversy.  (Located three blocks from Hefner's Playboy Mansion.)  The entire city was emotional, possibly even Kate Cincinnati. Don’t know. It was certainly on my mind as she attacked me."

Monday 6 pm (12 am Chicago time) , Thursday 9 pm (15 pm Chicago time) , Saturday 5 am (11 pm Chicago time)