Nils Gilman and the Deviant Globalization

Dr. Nils Gilman is the Associate Chancelllor and Chief of Staff at UC Berkeley. He has written extensively about the process of economic globalization and its connection to the rise of criminal networks. In June 2014, Gilman published The Twin Insurgency, a brilliant primer on the weakening of the modern state apparatus at the hands of plutocrats and the global criminal underground. The essay introduces a number of important concepts, such as microsovereingties, to describe the parasitic autonomous zones of influence and power carved out by the twin insurgencies in their host states.

Politically, the deviant entrepreneurs don't want to take over the state, just undermine it. For their own communities they often provide state-like services of infrastructure, health care, and even education. They are "post-modern, post-revolutionary, and post-progressive." 

Here is a talk given by Dr. Gilman at The Long Now Foundation, back in 2010, about the emergence of these new geopolitical configurations.