"It’s freezing cold on the 25th of April and the forecast is for snow. We are standing in the middle of the polder on a deserted motorway next to a construction made of orange containers. Canvas is flapping in the fierce wind and sometimes one of the steel doors slams shut. A shipwreck in Almere harbour? The first performance of Peter Zegveld's Dynamica Tumultus will take place here this evening, a composition in sound and image in which cars, driving fast, play an important role. (...) The band (with whom Peter Zegveld also performs under the name of Caspar Rapak) and the choir are made up of different kinds of musicians, professionals as well as amateurs, they play in punk bands, jazz or classical groups. 

There had already been extensive rehearsals during the previous weeks and a section of the music has had an unofficial premiere at the Paradiso the Sunday before. Yesterday, cars and motor cycles were added for the first time during the dress rehearsal in the polder. They have to drive through a narrow opening between the containers at a speed of more than 140 kilometres per hour. Below that speed, the desired effect is not achieved. The containers are stacked double around a platform thus creating a small theatre. The roof is built with thick beams which normally ensure that the draglines don't sink into the mud. 

The public looks out at the section of the road where the cars will rush by. In front are two other stages one to the left for the choir and one to the right for the band. A large quantity of sound equipment has been piled up on one of the containers including six tape recorders."

A piece from the growing audio archive of De APPEL Arts Centre, in Amsterdam.