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Ernest Gibson is a musician based in Los Angeles who, last year, released his solo debut on the always interesting Danish label Skrot Up. The album, titled "Island Records", has been considered by many to be one of the best and most original releases of 2013. "Island Records" invokes aspects of dub, exotica, lo-fi, psychedelic and post-punk into a dark and cinematographic sonic trip - or, as Julian Cope described it: "Sounding at times like side two of Joy Division's "Closer" as performed by the first 13th Floor Elevators line-up, "Island Records" defies analysis and just forces you to repeat and repeat this sucker endlessly."

Gibson is also one-half of the experimental psych duo Net Shaker. He's currently working on the follow up to "Island Records".

"From the sun-bleached groves and terminal beaches of the Southland comes Ernest Gibson’s debut LP—a weathered, mysteriously adorned block of sonic timber, soaked in watery reverb and awash in sinewy skeins of damaged tape. Island Records ventures ever deeper into dense primeval territory, only roughly intimated on his prior releases and further still from the scorched-earth urbanism of his group Net Shaker’s recent long-player. Trading those sputters of failing machinery and abstract paranoia for more hypnotic twilight vibrations, Gibson coaxes his own strain of mutant exotica from this suite of thirteen serpentine compositions."
Skrot Up

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