The ONO Archives #14 : Vietnam 10th Anniversary Show + End Result (1985)

The ONO Archives #14: Vietnam 10th  Anniversary Show + End Result (1985)

ONO live at the University of Chicago, SSPU, Vietnam 10th Anniversary Show, 07 May 1985.

travis: "Someone set off an extremely repulsive stink bomb. Cleared the house."

travis: "I had been to Vietnam and I had been in communication (...). I was not engaged in direct killing of human beings. I was trained to do so. (...) And the reason was, as a communicator, your first task is to make sure that communication lines are clear. (...) But the most important thing for me was my purpose, and my purpose was as a communicator, to make sure that those who were out there in the line of fire were protected by good communication. I liked being in that role."  
(read the full interview HERE)

*BONUS: End Result - Ward EP (1985)
End Result was a noise/no wave/experimental band formed in Chicago in 1979 by Alan Jones and brothers Ron and Steve Smith. The band was close to ONO, they shared a rehearsal space, played together a number of times and P. Michael joined them on bass for a series of live shows. Their "Ward" EP included material written in conjunction with ONO.

P. Michael: "you can def say that during the early days ... End Result attended the ONO school of words and sound ...we  left them schooled with an unconventional sound for punk rock.. I do remember working on the words for Shock Theater with them as  the song is about a buch of drag queens i knew in college  MS  Pyoretha and the suicide riff  and also  the bass line for ward....."

The "Ward" EP was produced by Big Black bassist Dave Riley and released by Ruthless Records, a label run at the time by Steve Albini, who was (along with Sonic Youth) an enthusiastic supporter of End Result. 

track list: 01 Opening / 02 Ward / 03 Don't Sleep In The Subway / 04 Shock Theatre / 05 Better Half / 06 Crazy Like A Fox / 07 Germans in Heat / 08 Shameless 

Monday 6 pm (12 am Chicago time) , Thursday 9 pm (15 pm Chicago time) , Saturday 5 am (11 pm Chicago time)