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Sir Richard Bishop is an American composer, guitarist and singer best known for his work with the Sun City Girls, which he formed with his brother Alan Bishop, and Charles Gocher in 1979. Throughout its history SCG has remained a challenging, unpredictable, and eclectic musical unit, operating outside the commercially driven aspirations of the mainstream recording industry. The group has become somewhat of a beacon to independent musicians and artists everywhere.

Their music was hugely varied, spreading across genres such as spoken word, free improvisation, jazz and rock. Their records typically incorporated lyrics that rely heavily on their interests in mysticism, paranormal topics (especially UFOs), religious cults and other esoterica, often also manifested in their song titles, lyrics and album art. Performances by the group were often wildly unpredictable, sometimes verging on performance art, with elaborate costumes, kabuki-inspired makeup, and the creation of a festive, ritualistic atmosphere with audience participation. In a 26 year career, SCG went on to release nearly 30 official albums since then, along with countless limited-edition vinyl, cassette, and CD-R projects, making the group's discography almost impossible to completely document.

Relocating to Seattle in the early '90s, Sun City Girls established their own label, Abduction Records, as well as an archival imprint, Sublime Frequencies - a label dedicated to acquiring and releasing obscure sights and sounds from Africa, India, S.E. Asia and beyond. The releases are primarily divided into four categories: field recordings, folk and pop compilations, radio collages from specific geographic locales, and DVDs.

Richard Bishop released his first solo work in 1998 on John Fahey's Revenant Records label. With it Bishop displayed his penchant for absorbing and incorporating stylistic approaches from all around the world into his music, which continued with more rawness on his next two releases, Improvika (2004) and Fingering The Devil (2006). Bishop returned to more structured compositions with his fourth release and after the death of Sun City Girls' percussionist Charles Gocher in 2007, his solo work became his primary focus.

"Global sound explorer whose unique blend of ethno-folk, raga droning, and gypsy-inspired picking has placed him at the vanguard of guitar experimentation."
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