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Drummer/vocalist Nisa Venerosa is one half of Melbourne synth-drums duo Fabulous Diamonds. Together with keyboardist/saxophonist Jarrod Zlatic, they have created an unique brand of spacious, sensual art rock, full of vintage electronics, detached vocals and pounding, tom-heavy drums. An hypnotic web of sound, where minimalist grooves are carried out by primitive drumming patterns over buzzy psychedelic keyboard lines. Their music stands as a 21st Century invocation of the sonic universe of bands like the Silver Apples, Velvet Underground and Suicide.

As a creative peculiarity from the diverse Australian music community, Fabulous Diamonds have treaded the fine line between music and art, for roughly seven years. They’ve released two albums and an EP, toured the US with cult label Siltbreeze and been invited to Belgium’s KRAAK Festival. Before that, Zlatic had played with puerile punk band Oh! Belgium, while Venerosa had never been in a band, nor played drums, before taking up with Fabulous Diamonds in 2006.

Fabulous Diamonds seems to have stayed pretty constant in its creative vision, from the dub/psychedelia of their self-titled debut album in  2008, to the more stretched-out grooves of their great follow-up (Fabulous Diamonds II, 2010), all the way up to their latest release in 2012, Commercial Music. Produced by Mikey Young (of Aussie bands Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring), the album is less raw-sounding than their previous ones, and has been described as "young adult contemporary pop music".

Nisa Venerosa also plays in Bushwalking with bassist Ela Stiles and guitarist Karl Scullin. They debuted with First Time in 2012, followed by No Enter in 2013.

"Fabulous Diamonds' heat-hazed mix of punk, psych and dub ranks them among the most original acts in the Australian underground."

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