Stress Jingle/Station ID #44: FACA MONSTRO

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FACA MONSTRO is an informal collective based in Porto (Portugal) since 2008. Dwelling in bass heavy, beat driven music coming from the studios/bunkers of some of the most cryptic Porto producers, Faca Monstro joins together HHY (Macumbas, FUJAKO, etc), GHUNA X (Live Low, GHUNAGANGH), CHALLENGER, ACELORIAEX-PEÃO and many more musicians.

Seduced by the clash of ancient, modern, traditional and contemporary culture, they have spawned demons like CK&P (Drum n' Arabesk) or GHUNAGANGH (satanic grime) and the basis of theirs activity is sporadic boombox meetings throughout town, periodic local nightclub shows and museum comissions. 

Faca Monstro has close ties with SOOPA and Marvellous Tone.

According to their FB page, "You'll mainly get our sounds in mixtapes for download and also albums and ep's, digital or in vinyl format".

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